Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It has been a week!

So it has been a week since i first started using monistat chaffing gel as a primer, and I must say I am pretty impress, it has lived up to the hype, i found that my makeup stayed put all day, last sunday i was out for 12 hours, came home and my makeup was still looking as it did before i left home that morning. The monistat chaffing gel worked better then other real face primers i have used in the past, it was worth the $8.00 i spent on it, would I buy this again?  Yes, I would , as a matter of fact i Love it, and i will keep using it on my daily makeup routine, i found it at cvs, after months of looking for it at other drugstores, If you, like me, have been curious about it, is worth a try I hope you won't be dissapointed , thank you for your time, many blessings


  1. I totally agree with u on how well it works :) I just joined ur blog :-) great start u got , pleads check out mine :-)

  2. thank you Princess, i have checked out your blog in the past,I really liked the review on the mui baby tanning lotion, am now your follower, thank you for your time, many blessings to you