Friday, June 17, 2011

My Love affair with makeup

The women in my family have never wore makeup, i come from a very traditional Mexican family, I was raised the old fashion way, where you couldn't wear any makeup until you were of age, somewhere around 16-17, and even then there is only so much you could wear, mainly eyeliner a little bit of blush  and maybe alittle bit of lipstick, but that was about it, I can't think of a woman in my family who has ventured outside of those unspoken rules, until I came along :P. That made me think, where is it that my love affair began? I remember as a child, I used to spend a lot of my time watching black and white movies from the 40's, and in those movies you see nothing but gorgeous women, the red lips, the well define eyebrows, and who could forget that mole in the upper side of the cheekbone, I guess is them who i have to thank for my love of makeup, I grew up with that image of beauty stuck in my head, I think most of us have that one moment that burns into your brain and inspires you to be who you are, it defines YOU, whether it was watching your mom getting ready when you were just a child or an image on the television, we all have a beginning to our makeup story, I would love for you to tell me yours. why is it that your heart skips a beat, when u see THAT one eyeshadow, that blush that have been looking for . I hope to hear your story, thank you for your time, many blessings

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