Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tired of your under eye concealer creasing?

I have bags under my eyes, there is nothing I can do about it since its hereditary, Thank you Mom and Dad,  do to this i have to wear concealer everyday of my life, before i discovered this item, my concealer would always disappeared, or crease i don't know what's worst, I tried different brands but they would all basically do the same, until i found this..its the eye primer & liner sealer from E.L.F studio line, you get 2 items for the price of 1 and the best part is that is only $3.00, can u believe that?, the way i used it, I prep my face with an all over face primer, then I go under the eye area with the eye primer, just a thin layer of it, the texture of this primer is more of a light concealer, after i have applied this to the area i wish to conceal, I blend then apply the concealer, any that you like, would do the job, in my case i use the "Nobody's perfect concealer palette" from hard candy. You could follow up with a little bit of powder over it, but  that's only if u feel the need to, i don't and I find it that my concealer stays put all day, I wish you ladies find this helpful, thank you for your time, Many blessings.

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